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Our 3-in-1 Approach: Planning You Can Trust

Wealth, tax, and estate planning are areas that significantly impact many of life’s transitions and milestones including home buying, vacations, retirement, and even your legacy.  Proactive financial planning is essential to growing and preserving your assets. That’s why being proactive is the foundation upon which we base our relationships with clients - and why we created our 3-in-1 approach.

Financial advisors, estate planning attorneys, and tax professionals are the key members of a well-rounded financial management team.  You visit them perhaps once a year, or, in the case of estate planning, maybe just one single time.  During your visit, these professionals base their advice solely on the information given to them – whether it’s investment advice, tax preparation, or estate planning.

Surprisingly, even though these relationships are synergistic, clients will find these services in three separate locations in most cases.  Our own founder, Robert D. Chatterton, noticed how strange it was when his father got sick and he had to take on the financial responsibility for the well-being of his family.

I realized through the years that financial planners do not talk on a regular basis with tax advisors and estate attorneys.  There is very little collaboration and integration within the profession.  If a wealth, tax or estate professional communicates their recommendations to the client…it is the client’s responsibility to communicate and translate it to the other professionals. Unfortunately, things get lost in translation. Financial planners have information that the attorneys and tax advisors will find very useful in making recommendations. Unfortunately, in some cases, financial planners don’t share that information.

Determined not to have others go through that same experience, Rob created Planning You Can Trust, a 3-in-1 approach which Chatterton and Associates is proud to be a part of. It includes all three vital areas of financial management, where the ones doesn’t fall on the client to collaborate with each sector, and focuses on proactivity instead of reactivity.

Proactive Wealth Planning

To be a proactive investment advisor, you need to take into consideration the client’s future needs. Recommendations should be implemented for the best course of action in the future.

Our wealth team uses a holistic lens—taking retirement distribution, income planning, estate planning, family wealth planning and tax planning into account all at once. We know that in today’s complex economy, there is no single path to achieving the financial freedom you deserve. That’s why our wealth planning team offers an integrated approach to wealth management, which assists our clients in reaching their goals.

Proactive Tax Planning

A proactive tax preparer does things differently, by going through your taxes line by line and sharing with you all the things you can do today to reduce your taxes for tomorrow. They provide proactive tax advice by doing tax projections and identifying opportunities in the future. Having your financial planners in sync allows them to advise each other on the best ways to minimize taxes.

Proactive Estate Planning

To be a proactive estate planning attorney, you have to anticipate future issues before they are issues. A proactive estate planning attorney will listen to the clients’ concerns and give them all of their options. They will ask questions specific to the client’s situation and often answer questions the client may not have known to ask.

Your estate plan is so much more than a stack of legal documents – it is the bridge between you and future generations.  Done right, not only does it avoid the probate process and reduce/eliminate taxes, but it gives you the comfort that you are leaving your affairs in order.Our team of experts can show you, your spouse and your beneficiaries how to protect your wealth, and make sure your wishes are honored.

Our 3-in-1 Approach: The Difference We Offer

Our financial planners, tax preparers and living trust attorneys that communicate and collaborate for the best interests of the client, focusing on proactive advice.

Our proactive advice is unique to our clients because of the questions we ask – questions about their individual hopes, fears, worries, and goals.  We are simply unable to offer the same advice to every client because we recognize that they are not the same!

Every situation is different and requires an individual and personal solution, often created by a collaboration of professionals. If you would like more information about our 3-in-1 approach, contact us today.


Planning You Can Trust

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