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The Chatterton Client Experience

What Our Clients Love About Us

In the last year and a half, I used the help of both Rob and Scott with a problem that I didn’t know I had. It was a wild moment for me, but the combined expertise of the two gave us the solution to the problem. You guys really care; you are very professional!

- Ed S. - Client Since 2012


" The frequent contact, knowing things are being taken care of, and knowing how things are being projected in the future. "

- Scott C.  

Client since 1997


" Is there a scale higher than ten for Teresa? She is amazing! There isn’t a time that she has not responded to us quickly, and I’m sure she treats all her clients the same. "

- Richard W.

 Client since 2011


" I appreciate the family atmosphere! When I go into the office, the staff are all very friendly, down to earth, and always open to chat. "

- Sam H.

Client since 2005


" I appreciate the responsiveness; whenever I leave a message or send an email, somebody always gets back to me right away; I do appreciate that! "

- Donna J.

Client since 2003


" I think the peace of mind is the biggest thing for me. I interviewed a lot of Financial Advisors in the past and always wondered, how will this work? When I met Rob, we clicked! There have been several things to worry about throughout the years, but financially, I’ve always felt that I have been in good hands. "

- Terry O.

Client since 2000


" It relieves me of the pressure of having to handle these things by myself. A lot of people are afraid of coming to an organization like you because they want to do their own thing. It’s better for me to leave that in the hands of people that I trust, and I’ve found that to be true with Chatterton & Associates. "

- Joseph H.

Client since 2011


" The first thing that Teresa says, whether it’s an email or a phone call, is how you and the family have been doing. Teresa checks in with me and asks how I’m doing before we get into business. To me, that’s very important. "

- Hubert F. 

Client since 2018


" The fact that you’re molding my plan around our needs is helpful, and your staff is ready to help us if we need to modify our plan. "

- James K. 

Client since 2008


" It’s nice to come into the office and see the same people every time, which is nice and comforting. You don’t see that too often. "

- Stanley M. 

Client since 2013

What Our Clients Think About Our Integration
of Wealth, Tax and Estate

That’s one of the reasons why I love Chatterton & Associates! I feel like if anything were to happen to me, my daughter could come in and speak to Holly, Eric, and Justin. Since they have everything there, It’s going to be such an easy process that works out for my family!

- Jamie P. – Client since 2014


" That’s why I’ve been able to recommend the Chatterton organization to many friends because there are not too many organizations that do this kind of integration. "

- Scott C.  

Client since 1997


" When you integrate Chatterton into your investments, taxes, and things of that nature, you are walking into a family of people who don’t see you as a number. They understand that we have spent our lives working on our investments. They remind us that the investments that we’ve worked so hard on will be taken care of. "

- Hubert F. 

Client since 2018


" We got started there with finances, and then we went to the taxes and finally had the Estate Team review our Estate planning. It’s a 10 as far as I’m concerned! "

- Mark G. 

Client since 2008

What Clients Think About Their Appointments

Rob takes good care of us! He is prepared when we go in for our appointments. We can ask questions, and we don’t have to submit them in advance. He understands any concerns that we may have. He provides enough detail in the overview that we understand where we are from a financial standpoint and how we want to move forward.

- Richard W. - Client since 2011


" Eric doesn’t’ make you feel rushed and answers your questions. He makes you feel part of the family. "

- Scott T.

Client since 2015


" Justin has been taking care of me for a while. He has helped me understand my taxes and how I can minimize my tax debt. "

- Alma E.

Client since 2018


" It’s the personal tailoring of our portfolio, being the unique distinction that separates you from other firms. The way Kyle tailors our portfolio to our specific needs is what makes Chatterton an exceptional service. "

- Robert Z.

Client since 2017


" I’ve been very pleased with our reviews. Kyle is always open to what we have to say and always answers our questions. I appreciate that he is straightforward and concerned about our well-being. "

- Stanley M.

Client since 2013


" David looks at my finances from the Tax perspective, whether I should be doing things now versus ten years from now, looking at the tax differences between this year and the next. David takes everything into consideration. "

- David N.  

Client since 2015


" Rob always addresses my particular needs. He understands my concerns and my level of risk-taking, and so on. He already knows the questions that I am going to ask! "

- Terry O.

Client Since 2000

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The quotes that appear above are unpaid testimonials that were provided by current clients of Chatterton & Associates (“C&A”). They were obtained through an optional survey provided to all relevant clients. This method of collection can potentially bias responses in a way that is favorable towards Chatterton & Associates (“C&A”). All testimonials obtained through this survey are available upon request. Non compensated client testimonial; may not be representative of all client experiences; no guarantee of future performance or success.

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