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Caring For Our Relationships Begins The Moment We Meet

At Chatterton & Associates, any potential relationship begins with a private, one-on-one professional consultation that we call a Proactive Financial Review.

Proactive Financial Review with Rob Chatterton

What is a Proactive Financial Review?
Not Your Average Meet and Greet.

Our proactive financial review begins with a discovery meeting focused on you. We focus on exploring what you care about, what you are concerned about, and how we can possibly add value to your current situation and your future outlook. We work with you to uncover what you need and identify how we can guide you toward solving your problems and accomplishing your goals.

Areas of focus

Retirement Planning

Tax Reduction



Our Role as a Fiduciary

A fiduciary is someone who acts in the best interest of his or her client (think lawyers, doctors, and registered investment advisors). This means that in terms of financial advice, an advisor has a duty to put their clientsʼ needs before their own, regardless of how they stand to profit from the advice they give, their firmʼs interests, or the interests of others. Ideally, all financial advisors would operate by a fiduciary standard. However, some in the financial industry act only upon the “suitability” standard. This means they make suitable recommendations for their client, without necessarily considering their clientʼs best interests.

Chatterton & Associates

Chatterton & Associates is a Registered Investment Advisor with the Securities and Exchange Commission. An Investment Advisor must adhere to a fiduciary standard of care written in the U.S. Investment Advisers Act of 1940. Our role as a fiduciary stipulates that we must always put the clientʼs best interests as our priority above all else. At Chatterton & Associates, we feel that this is the way it should be.

How It Works



We start by looking at your Investments, Taxes, Estate plan, Cash flow needs, and more. We listen to your hopes, fears and concerns.


Risk Assessment

Next we assess your investment risk tolerance and review your most recent tax return to uncover potential tax reduction opportunities.


Economy & Markets

Then, we look at today’s economy and market environment, and how that might impact your overall plan.


A Well-Rounded Plan

We then set up a plan that is focused on the following:

create your wealth

Creating Wealth

We invest your money through proper asset allocation, portfolio design, investment manager selection, portfolio construction and management, tax management, risk management, all while trying to keep your costs fair.

preserve your wealth

Preserving Wealth

We believe in proactive relationships and regular meetings to ensure there are no opportunities being missed, or updates not being made due to changes with your personal circumstance, the economy, tax laws, estate laws, etc.

transfer your wealth

Transferring Wealth

We have found that most beneficiaries feel that they have a responsibility to their parents to do the right thing—we assist in this process by helping surviving family members maintain the legacy of their loved ones, for generations to come.

Your happiness, your financial future, and your trust in us are our highest priorities.

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