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Personal Financial

Building trust and long-term relationships is as personal to us as it is to you. Chatterton & Associates aims to enrich the lives of others by helping our clients create, preserve, and transfer wealth.

How Do We Do it?

We work with clients to create, preserve, and transfer their wealth from every aspect of their lives. We give our clients the tools they need to reach their financial goals beginning with an in-depth analysis of their financial well-being. This analysis gives us a better understanding of what we may be able to help them with, often spanning multi-generational durations of professional client-advisor relationships. Client progress is tracked in many ways to help measure successes and avoided shortcomings, and help us make the proper adjustments along the way.

Types of Financial Planning Services 

We offer a comprehensive list of services that we can use to help clients address their unique financial needs and plan for the future. There is no universal approach to financial planning, so we provide a fully customizable approach to all of our planning services.


Our integrated team of financial planners, tax planners, and estate attorneys can help you analyze your retirement situation and carry out a plan that meets your unique needs and goals.


We help to recommend and implement strategies that could help reduce your taxes. We do this by providing a tax projection before the end of the current tax year, allowing time to make adjustments before the following tax filing season.


We help establish an estate plan specific to your individual circumstances that will help streamline the settlement of your estate and ensure that your intentions come to fruition after your passing.


Cashflow analysis and budgeting is something that plays an important role in saving for retirement, but then also measuring what you’ll need to retire successfully. With the aid of advanced modeling software and budgeting sheets, we help to make sense of where your money is going now, and where it should be going in the future.


Insurance is another pillar of financial planning, and although many insurance decisions are personal , we help guide our clients in reviewing their coverages to make sure they are protected properly, and not spending any more on insurance than they should be.


Investment management comes in many forms and many capacities. As fiduciary based, independent advisors, we aim to help clients in investing by creating fully customized investment portfolios tailored to their exact needs and risk tolerance levels, and then actively managing those investments with the ever changing tides of economic and fiscal demands.

What is the Financial Planning Process?

The Chatterton financial planning process begins with an initial consultation and financial review. This gives us an opportunity to get to know you, your family, and your situation, while you learn more about us. We go above and beyond to learn what is important to you and how we can best help you reach your financial goals. We pride ourselves on maintaining collaborative and personalized relationships with our clients.

Preparing for your appointment

Before we begin, we will send you a questionnaire that will also list all of the items that you will need to bring to your appointment. This list may include contact information and documents provided to you by accountants, insurance agents, and/or estate attorneys. We take a holistic approach to financial planning, which means that we work directly with all kinds of professionals to better understand the scope of your financial needs.

Working with your Chatterton Financial Advisor

Whether you are in immediate need of financial planning, you have just experienced an unexpected life event, or you are seeking the opinion of a professional for certain circumstances, our consultations are pressure-free and always complimentary. Here at Chatterton & Associates, we will guide you through the steps needed to secure the financial wellness of you and your family, for generations to come. Financial wellness is completely individualized, which is why your Chatterton advisor will provide you with personalized and ongoing proactive advice that will give you the confidence you need to reach your future goals.

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