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Personalized Tax Projection Services

With Chatterton’s personalized tax projection service, our experienced tax professionals work with you to project your taxes for the upcoming year and beyond, as well as develop a plan to minimize your tax liability and maximize wealth-building opportunities.

Tax projections are complimentary as part of our Elite Client Services to existing Chatterton financial planning clients – as long as you maintain the minimum requirements.

Why Get a Tax Projection?

Limit Unwelcome Surprises

Prepare for what you might owe and minimize surprises come tax time.

potentially Minimize Tax Liability

Make informed decisions ahead of time to reduce your potential tax liability.

Potentially Maximize Wealth 

Uncover opportunities for building and preserving your wealth.

Plan for the Future

Plan your financial strategy and prepare years in advance.

When Will You Need A Tax Projection?

Tax projections can be useful any time you or your loved ones might be preparing for a lifestyle change that can affect you financially. Whether you’re buying your first home as a newlywed, starting a business, or getting ready to retire, Chatterton’s tax projection services can help you prepare for all of life’s important events.

Wage Increase
Filing Status Change
Retirement Withdrawals
Business Ownership/ Entrepreneurship
Property Sale

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A Team of Tax Professionals You Can Rely On

At Chatterton & Associates, we bring together tax planning, wealth management, retirement planning, and estate planning professionals under one roof to collaborate and help you reach your financial goals.

David Hilliard, EA

Justin Carr, EA

Kevin Galvez, EA

Scott Lee, CPA

Preserve and Grow Your Wealth by Planning Ahead!

To take advantage of this offer, the tax projection must be completed between August and December of each year.


Tax Projection Made Easy

During your tax projection, you meet with one of our tax professionals to review your taxes, uncover ways to potentially reduce your taxes, and then receive a tax projection through the yearʼs end.

You then have the opportunity to work with our team to run through different scenarios and the tax implications of different decisions to make the best decision for your financial goals in the current tax year.

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Serving Orange County and the Surrounding Areas

With our office based in Anaheim, CA, Chatterton & Associates is proud to serve clients in Orange County and the surrounding areas.

Frequently Asked Questions

You should hire a tax professional to do a tax projection when you want to see what your tax liability will be for the upcoming years. Projections are made years in advance and followed up year by year to uncover saving opportunities and project liabilities.

You should hire a tax professional to run a tax projection when:

  • You have a change in income
  • You want to know the tax implications before you sell assets
  • You anticipate your taxes increasing in the future
  • You want to manage your tax bracket

Tax projections should be done before the end of the year to ensure that you are making the most of your tax opportunities.

Most tax firms do not offer tax projections. It is a specialized service that requires expertise in tax law and a deep understanding of financial planning. Chatterton & Associates is uniquely qualified to provide this service because we offer wealth, tax, and estate planning under one roof. We work very closely with our Tax Team to find unique opportunities to help preserve your wealth.

For Chatterton Wealth Management clients with assets under management of $500 million or more, tax projection services are provided complimentary as part of our suite of financial planning services. For other individuals and businesses, we have an Exclusive Tax Offering only available until December 15, 2022.

Financial Planning

A good financial plan requires patience and perspective. We help manage your finances by discussing your wants and needs, reviewing your investment and retirement portfolios, implementing tax strategies that could save you time and money, running cash flow and budgeting analyses, and making sure your assets are properly allocated.

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Retirement Planning

Whether you’ve just signed up for your first employer-sponsored plan or are preparing to retire next year, we can help you develop a comprehensive and strategic retirement plan based on your lifestyle, risk tolerance, return objectives, and income needs, ensuring that you can not only retire comfortably but enjoy your retirement thoroughly.

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Estate Planning

You’ve worked hard to create and preserve your wealth. Estate planning ensures that the legacy you’ve built will continue to provide for the people and causes you care about. Our financial advisors work directly with our in-house estate-attorney partners to help craft the legacy you envision.

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Get Started with Tax Projection Today!

Don't wait until tax time to start thinking about taxes. By taking a proactive approach to your taxes, you can ensure that you are making the most of your opportunities and planning for future liabilities.

We understand the complex tax laws in California and our team of tax professionals is here to help you take advantage of every opportunity available to reduce your tax burden and preserve your wealth. Contact us today to get started.

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