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Supercharge Your Body and Mind: Sugar, Inflammation, and Ketosis

Did you know that in Orange County, the top three causes of death are heart disease, cancer, and Alzheimer’s Disease? When considering your health and how it impacts you and your loved ones especially as you age, it may be helpful to look at how certain dietary habits affect inflammation in our bodies, and what might lead to health complications down the road. Dr. Dung Trinh, an expert in brain health, held a recent seminar in collaboration with Alzheimer’s Orange County considering the link between the harmful effects of sugar and inflammation in our bodies, and how ketosis may help.

Sugar and Inflammation: How are they connected to the top 3 leading causes of death?

Consuming too much sugar can lead to a host of negative health risks, including chronic inflammation - which can high blood pressure, diabetes, certain types of cancer, heart disease, and Alzheimer’s Disease. 

What is Ketosis and how does it affect health?

Ketosis is a metabolic state in which most of the fuel for the body is sourced by fat instead of carbs. People who follow a ketogenic diet generally eat low-carb, and consume low-or-no-sugar foods. Certain studies show that ketosis may have positive benefits for those with Alzheimer’s

Simple steps to minimize inflammation and optimize our health.

By lowering sugar intake and giving bodies time to rest from sugar and chronic inflammation, you may be able to:

  • decrease insulin resistance and the risk of diabetes
  • decrease advanced glycation end products (AGEs), which are harmful compounds that are formed when protein or fat combine with sugar in the bloodstream
  • lose weight as a result of fat burn.

Watch the seminar now to learn more about the link between the harmful effects of sugar and inflammation in our bodies, and how ketosis may help!

About Dr. Trinh

Dr. Trinh is a well-known expert in speaking on memory loss and brain health. He has shared educational and medical knowledge on television, Laguna Woods community groups, Kiwanis, religious centers, local colleges, medical centers, senior centers, and at Alzheimer's Orange County, where he is a board member.

Dr. Trinh serves on several advisory boards, board of directors and helped found several companies ranging from healthcare to e-commerce.

About Alzheimer’s Orange County

Over 84,000 people in Orange County are affected by Alzheimer’s. Since 1982, Alzheimer’s Orange County (formerly known as Alzheimer’s Association, Orange County Chapter), has been Orange County’s center for Alzheimer’s resources. They are dedicated to providing quality care and support services to the thousands of residents of Orange County who are affected by Alzheimer’s disease or other related dementia, and also partnering with local researchers to populate clinical trials to help find a cure.

Alzheimer’s Orange County’s mission: To provide hands-on care and support, information, referrals, education and resources for families in Orange County and surrounding areas who experience memory loss, Alzheimer’s and other dementia, while advancing critical research for a cure.


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